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Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

Picture of kamang Mudiak

Wonderful Kamang
by Nur Hasnah

Kamang Mudiak is a small villlage in Agam Regency and Kamang Magek District. It is not so far from Bukittinggi Town as a capital public place. We can go to Kamang by Bus and Angkot and also by motorcycle. Kamang Mudiak is famous with Perang kamang " Kamang War" . It was happened in 15th June 1908. It was celebrated at 15th June 2008 by long march and also by bring torch around kampung that started in the middle night and it was ended by traditional dance by the citizen students. It is same as celebration of
a hundred years of Indonesian awakening

This is one of viewing of Kamang from the top of hill. It is wonderful, right?. Actually there are so many interesting places that belong to Kamang Mudiak, such as Kamang cave, Tarusan and tourism story places and any others. The picture above is one of example of natural viewing of Kamang Mudiak

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